Net ZeroCommitment

Setting the standard for hyperscale data centres


In October 2022, we announced our commitment to net zero emissions by 2030. Our target covers Scope 1 and 2 emissions and exceeds the objective set in the Paris Agreement. AirTrunk has committed to:

  • 100% of electricity consumed at our data centres is covered under a Net Zero target, whether by AirTrunk or our customers.
  • Taking a stewardship role for electricity consumption at our data centres and reports emissions not managed by customers, under Scope 2. We plan to achieve Net Zero for these emissions through procurement of renewable energy.
  • Enable customers to take ownership for electricity consumption within our data centres and manage this under their own reduction targets.

Decarbonisingour operations

AirTrunk will reduce emissions by:​

  • Scope 1

    • Moving to low or zero global warming potential refrigerants
    • Optimising use of SF6 in our sub-stations and using alternatives
    • Reducing non-productive diesel generation operation​
    • Considering drop-in renewable diesel fuels in selected locations​
    • Considering alternative back-up generation technologies to reduce reliance on diesel-fuelled generators​
    • Offsetting residual emissions with high-quality carbon credits
  • Scope 2

    • Continuing to improve our energy efficiency and reduce our operational PUE
    • Source renewable energy to match our electricity load​
    • Support our customers in sourcing renewable energy where they take ownership of the emissions from electricity consumption
  • Scope 3

    • Quantifying project-specific emissions in developing and building our data centres
    • Partnering with vendors and general contractors to reduce embodied carbon emissions
    • Switching to greener materials in the design and build process
    • Engaging employees to reduce individual carbon footprints

net zeroprinciples

Our industry-leading approach to Net Zero and emissions reporting​ standards.

  • Pursue leading climate targets​

    Achieve Net Zero by 2030, or equivalent carbon-free target, to align with 1.5°C climate target (and match 100% of electricity to site with renewables).​

  • Leverage competencies

    Enable customer energy and renewable procurement.

  • Ensure zero double-counting

    Clear, accurate and precise emissions accounting for interoperable carbon ledgers including for electricity consumption.​

  • Be accountable and transparent​

    Acknowledge responsibility for emissions including electricity, be transparent and implement safeguards.​

  • Align with standards

    Consider quality renewable solutions that align with technical requirements of internationally recognised standards.​

  • Mutual collaboration

    Work closely with our customers and partners to achieve shared climate objectives.​


In addition to our Net Zero by 2030 commitments covering both Scope 1 and 2 emissions, we also continue to monitor, measure, and report Scope 3 emissions, and develop a roadmap to manage these emissions in the future.

More information about our progress can be found in our annual Sustainability Report. ​