AirTrunk is powering positive change by setting the standard in sustainable financing.


As AirTrunk designs, builds and operates the region’s most sustainable data centres, we are also committed to financing our business and projects through sustainable financing.

Across our financing platforms, we have raised A$6 billion in Environmental, Social and Governance financing, making AirTrunk one of the largest issuers of sustainable financing in the data centre industry globally.

AirTrunk’s financing platform, including our SLL’s and Green Financing Framework, takes AirTrunk to a clear leadership position in sustainable data centre financing. Linking our debt facilities to sustainability performance, holds our business to account on our commitments.

Prashant Murthy
Chief Financial Officer

SustainabilityLinked Loan 

  • Corporate SLL

    In August 2023, AirTrunk refinanced its corporate SLL to A$4.6 billion, more than doubling the initial A$2.1 billion SLL from September 2021. The SLL is the largest in global data centre history and the first to utilise operating CUE as a sustainability KPI globally.

    Our KPIs – Carbon Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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  • Japan SLL

    The incremental Japan SLL will finance a major expansion of AirTrunk TOK1. The SLL is the first for a data centre in Japan, and the first in APJ to combine operating energy and water efficiency.

    Our KPIs – Energy Efficiency; Water Efficiency

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  • Recognition

    AirTrunk was awarded the 2021 FinanceAsia Achievement ‘Best Sustainable Finance Deal’ award, 2021 IJGlobal ‘APAC SLL Loan of the Year’ and the 2022 The Banker’s (Financial Times) ‘Deals of the Year’ in Asia Pacific.



AirTrunk’s Green Financing Framework outlines the criteria AirTrunk’s green projects must meet to be financed through green loans. AirTrunk has defined three categories as ‘green loan’ eligible – Green Data Centre, Renewable Energy and Water Efficiency.

Japan Green Loan

AirTrunk’s TOK2 landmark green loan is the first under Green Financing Framework, the first for a data centre in Japan and first to use operating PUE and water productivity eligibility criteria.

Our Eligibility Criteria – Energy Efficiency; Water Productivity

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