Efficient, secure and flexible homes for your valuable data.

AirTrunk designs, builds and operates scalable, cost-efficient, secure and sustainable homes for cloud and large technology customers.

We put customers at the centre of everything we do with tailor-made and flexible data centre solutions. As we set the standard in customer experience, our customers trust us to deliver where, when and how they need it.

  • FAST +

    • Innovative hyperscale model designed for your rapid capacity deployment
    • Scale at speed with our extensive groundwork and pre-planning, local expert teams and rapid construction
    • A responsive and consistent experience wherever you choose to grow with us in Asia Pacific and Japan.
  • Flexible +

    • Flexible from start to finish, making dealing with us easy
    • Dedicated to understanding and delivering customised solutions to suit your unique requirements
    • Grow efficiently with no additional margins or added costs
  • Trusted +

  • Safe +

    • Industry-low PUE and WUE to reduce your carbon footprint
    • Strong commitment and comprehensive programs to keep our people and partners safe
    • Commitment to sustainable solutions for our planet, people and progress