Social &CommunityImpact

We’re on a mission – bringing change to create a better shared future for our communities.

AirTrunk is committed to long-term social and environmental impact through job creation, digital advancement, and community engagement.

Our hyperscale data centres enable global technology companies to provide their products and services to nearby communities, driving economic growth and future workforce development.

AirTrunk supports community programs across APJ, focusing on Equal Digital Access, STEM Education, Biodiversity & Conservation, and Innovation R&D. Our Social Impact Program and broader local investments, equate to billions of dollars to create lasting regional impact.


  • STEM Education

    Uplifting STEM skills in the community, with particular focus on next generation, women and underprivileged groups.

  • Biodiversity & Conservation

    Respecting, protecting and positively impacting local land, habitat and ecosystems.

  • Equal Digital Access

    Enabling digitisation and connecting people in APJ, focusing on local opportunities supporting groups in need.

  • Innovation R&D

    Driving innovation focused on sustainability, digital and STEM in our community.


  • Investment & development

    AirTrunk is developing the infrastructure to support the APJ region’s digital development, investing billions of dollars into local communities, as well as employment, workforce development and enabling digital development.

  • Social Impact

    AirTrunk has committed to a multi-million-dollar program delivering positive social and environmental changes in APJ. Funded by margin incentives from its A$5b+ Sustainability Linked Loans, this industry-first initiative ties our sustainability commitment to lasting community benefits.

  • Local communities

    We invest in several initiatives in support of the local communities in which we operate across the APJ region.

  • Volunteering

    We enable AirTrunkers to engage in volunteering and fundraising activities to support causes they’re passionate about, through both skilled and practical opportunities.


More partner announcements coming soon.

  • Tokyo Institute of Technology

    Funded two Masters scholarships for women studying STEM, plus a Science Education Program for high school students at Japan’s largest science and technology university.


More information on our hyperlocal partnerships can be found on our locations pages.