Easy, consistent and responsive​


Counting the world’s largest tech companies as customers, we are inspired every day to go above and beyond in every customer interaction, ensuring we also remain dynamic, transparent and responsive to their needs.​

From the biggest to the smallest interactions, we know that a great customer experience starts and ends with each AirTrunker. We have a customer centric culture, with 95% of AirTrunkers stating that customer satisfaction is a key priority for AirTrunk*.​

Our customer value proposition ensures we are Fast + Scalable, Flexible + Cost-Efficient, Trusted + Secure and Safe + Sustainable. ​

* Source: AirTrunk Employee Engagement Survey, 2022

“Our commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction means that they trust us to deliver where, when and how they need it; and we continue to prove our capabilities, flex to deliver what they need, and execute on our promises.

“As a result, we uphold long-lasting and multi-layered partnerships with our customers, growing with them and sharing in successes.”

Robin Khuda
CEO & Founder


We are the team our customers trust to deliver where, when and how they need it.​

AirTrunk maintains strong and deep relationships with our customers using a multi-layered and multi-region engagement approach across the entire customer journey, imbuing our company values in every interaction.

Our dedicated Service Delivery Directors act as a single point of contact for our customers across the AirTrunk data centre platform, deeply understanding the needs of each customer and engaging throughout the project delivery stage and on-going with the wider operations team.


AirTrunk measures customer satisfaction at various points throughout the customer journey to optimise the customer experience.

Customer Satisfaction survey results FY22

  • Overall customer satisfaction (avg) 9/10
  • Overall ease of working (avg) 9/10

Source: Global research provider IPSOS, measure customer satisfaction and feedback.