AirTrunk’s community Initiative in Inzai, Japan

AirTrunkers continue to show their support of our local communities and environments, with our Japan team working together to clean the woodlands in Inzai in order to restore the biodiversity of the natural environment.

AirTrunk Head of Japan, Nori Matsushita said: “Our AirTrunker team continues to demonstrate their passion for local biodiversity and conservation and making a positive impact on our neighbouring communities. This initiative will maintain a healthy environment for the local Inzai woodlands, especially as the spring season approaches.”

Thank you to the AirTrunk volunteers and to the Friends of the Kamenari River Association for hosting us.

For more on how AirTrunk supports communities across Asia-Pacific & Japan click here.


AirTrunk日本代表、松下典弘(Nori Matsushita)のコメント:AirTrunkのチームは地元の生物多様性と環境の保護に熱心に取り組んでおり、近隣のコミュニティにポジティブな影響を与え続けています。今回の取り組みは、特に春を迎えるにあたり、印西の森林の健全な環境維持に役立つでしょう。