Data centre sustainability and innovative energy solutions

At the Future Energy Asia Exhibition & SummitAirTrunk Head of Energy & Climate Joscha Schmitz led a discussion on data centre sustainability and innovative energy solutions.

He said: “Data centres are well positioned to enable and accelerate the energy transition to renewables across the APAC region. Energy is critical to our operations, and it is important that we keep innovating to decarbonise that energy.

“We have set ambitious targets to reduce our carbon footprint and are actively working with our customers to incorporate renewables and novel technologies into our infrastructure projects. This includes our award-winning renewable energy certificate project in Hong Kong and the deployment of liquid cooling to reduce energy usage.”

Joscha appeared alongside SUPERNAP (Thailand) and ST Telemedia Global Data Centres (Thailand). Thank you to Steve Duckworth from ERM for moderating the panel.

More information can be found in our FY22 Sustainability Report: