Discussing AI at the AFR Property Summit

At The Australian Financial Review Property Summit, AirTrunk Founder & CEO Robin Khuda shared how artificial intelligence is accelerating demand for data centres into the hundreds of megawatts.

He said: “The AI of now is very different from the AI of 10 years ago. The level of growth we are seeing right now is something we have not seen in 10 years. It’s remarkable.”

Robin also spoke about the importance of renewables and the readiness of capital markets in responding to this demand, noting overwhelming financing support for our recent ~A$4.6b sustainability linked loan that will support our growth across Asia-Pacific & Japan.

Robin appeared on the panel alongside Kylie Rampa from QIC and Chris Tynan from Blackstone.

More information about our landmark SLL: https://airtrunk.com/airtrunks-a4-6billion-sustainability-linked-loan-sets-multiple-industry-benchmarks/

More from the discussion: https://www.afr.com/property/commercial/data-centres-in-the-hundreds-of-megawatts-coming-thanks-to-ai-20230911-p5e3p7

Photo credit: Oscar Colman